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The explanatory narratives in my Origins attempt to shed some detailed light upon each of the threads that we have highlighted in your genetic code.

Though the discrete elements are common to all humans, the weight you give to each element is unique to you.

Therefore, each individual receives a narrative fabric tailored to their own personal history, a story stitched together from bits of DNA.

We’ve listed the Population Clusters and accompanying narratives below. In the list below, you can click on a Population Cluster to see it’s description.

Subsisting largely as nomadic hunter-gatherers, the First Peoples of Northern America are commonly recognized by their uniquely fluted projectile points (Clovis points) and tools, which were used to hunt large animals (e.g., mammoths, saber-toothed cats, land sloths, and even camels) that were present in North America at the end of the last Ice Age.

Later populations, such as the Hohokam society in the southwest (near the present-day city of Phoenix, Arizona), display evidence of increased social complexity, likely due to the use of irrigation management technology.

European colonization in the 16th century CE resulted in either the complete or near complete massacre of entire tribes and the near total destruction of the cultures of surviving Northern and Central Native American populations.

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Though we are all different and distinct, we are also drawn from the same fundamental elements.

Therefore, it is quite rare for present day people to have a high percentage of origins from this cluster, even with documented family lineage.

Testers within this cluster may have a percentage of genetic relatedness lower than expected.

From a genetic perspective, however, you are the outcome of a long process of genealogical fusion.

You are the outcome of values drawn from your culture.

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